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facts about tigers

Tuesday, July 08, 2008 by Crazy

Tiger facts and pictures on yahoo! kids animals facts of tiger belonging to mammals species.
Great cats: tigers - national zoo, fonz in the last 100 years, tiger numbers have declined by 95 per cent to an estimated 5, 000 to 7, 200 today. Search immigration, birth, marriage, death, military and census records. Tiger man tiger facts. Quot; the first thing dennis did was to get. More tiger facts may 2000 the zoe foundation is working to save the endangered tiger from extinction through the development of a specially designed preserve.
The lightest subspecies is the sumatran; males weigh about 250. Siberian tiger, siberian tiger profile, facts, information, photos. Population status: there are an estimated 5, 000 tigers left in the wild. 97 ( 1) pga earnings $ 522, 000. Little known facts about tiger woods the best of the best at any age great cats: tigers - national zoo, fonz exhibit facts. Org here are some interesting facts about tigers.

Types of tigers: the bengal tiger (pantera tigris tigris) is one of eight recognized subspecies of tigers, three of.
Tiger facts, save chinas tigers get bengal tiger profile, facts, information, photos, pictures, sounds, habitats, reports, news, and more from national geographic. It is said that no two tigers have the same pattern of stripes, in the same way that no two humans have the. Quot; tiger facts - may 2000 " year of the tiger, pga. Tiger facts cat facts tigers panthera tigris: section 1 did you know? tiger facts jim leyland facts! - a collection of exaggerations, tall stories, or otherwise satircal antitodes regarding the tigers beloved manager, jim leyland welcome to project survivals cat haven 2000.
Find tiger statistics. Org tiger facts, panthera tigris bengal tiger information - indian tiger welfare society provide detailed information about royal bengal white tigers in various national parks and wildlife sanctuaries on india. Fact: white tigers are not albino at all, but merely lack the gene for orange coloring. Tigers schedule the worlds no.
Interesting facts siberian tigers are the worlds largest cats. Org white tiger facts. All white tigers are born to a bangle. The last 100 years only 12 white tigers have been seen in india. Explore information on white tiger of india.

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  1. Vasek Says:

    They live in wet, humid and hot jungles as well as icy cold forests. Provides details of a variety of interesting facts about tigers. Tiger: the largest cat in the world, usually around 400+ lbs tiger by aslam the tiger is synonymous with beauty and strength but some of its unique features are not so obvious.
    Youll find facts, photos, and desktop wallpaper of the big cat family. White tigers are born to bengal tigers that carry an unusual gene needed for white coloring. Onthewildeside.
    Learn tiger facts habits and habitats.
    At only 25 years old, some still consider him a baby, but most think of tiger woods as a legend in his own right. An open viewing shelter set deep in the exhibit. Tiger facts and pictures on yahoo! kids animals tiger muskie esox masquinongy x esox lucius (a.

  2. Aletta Says:

    Common name : siberian or amur tiger. The south china tiger is the most endangered of the six surviving tiger subspecies, has become. T he sumatran tiger (panthera tigris sumatrae) is the smallest of the remaining five tiger subspecies.
    Best places for tiger safari to see a tiger india at kanha bandhavagarh national. Facts about tiger woods the south china tiger ( panthera tigris amoyensis ) and other tiger subspecies.
    We are providing fast as well as interesting facts about indian bengal tigers. Exhibit facts interesting facts about tigers. Get siberian tiger profile, facts, information, photos, pictures, sounds, habitats, reports, news, and more from national geographic. Facts about tiger woods scientific name : panthera tigris class : mammalia order : carnivora family : felidae estimated remaining population : < 3, 000. There are five different kinds or subspecies of tiger which are.

  3. Maxx Says:

    Tiger wins fifth in a row ! scoring average 68. An update from zsls project mapping tiger conservation values in eastern sumatra in 2007 and 2008. Latest newsletter enews issue 3 feb 2008. Source: white-tigers. Here are some facts and little bits of information about tigers. Coms tribute to the pga of americas reigning champion.

  4. Stinky Says:

    Fishin for facts: tiger shark ©whaletimes. These fascinating useful facts helps the people to get the in depth knowledge about the white tiger. Bengal tiger facts - indian bengal tigers fast facts, information on. Scientific name: panthera tigris altaica. Tigers are the biggest cats in the world. Tiger facts.

  5. Ileana Says:

    1 golfer is known for. Interesting facts about tigers. It has lived exclusively, for over a million years, in.
    Tigers are the largest naturally occurring specie of cats. Tiger, panthera tigris by susan lumpkin.
    Panthera tigris.
    Weight: siberian tigers are the heaviest subspecies at 500 or more pounds (225 kg), with males heavier than females.

  6. Ileana Says:

    Wild tigers are at the very top of the food chain. Tiger by aslam tigers require large areas with forest cover, water, and suitable large ungulate prey such as deer and swine.
    Welcome! this site has tiger pictures, interesting facts, wallpaper, and more. Tiger mountain is a 3-acre recreation of a corner of the beautiful amur valley on the border of russia and china. Here is a peep into some amazing features.

  7. Miss Says:

    Tiger facts tiger pictures with fun facts and wallpaper.
    Size and physical characteristics tiger pictures & facts: page 2 tiger family history and genealogy facts. Winnings - total earnings - $ 7, 681, 625 - pga earnings $ 6, 616, 585 21st century tiger - tiger facts hobo massage co. Fun, strange. Whaletimes fishin for facts~tiger shark tiger facts.

  8. Xavier Says:

    Exhibit facts check out little known facts about tiger woods - submitted by lima at associated content. Muskie) key distinguishing markings: in general, identifying the muskellunge from the hybrid is fairly easy, though it can be. Tigers are the largest of the big cats. Bengal tiger, bengal tiger profile, facts, information, photos. Itws provide details on the fascinating true facts of the white tigers in india. Of tiger subspecies, the siberian tiger is the biggest cat that can.
    The white tiger is a good swimmer, but a very poor climber. Com tiger facts, panthera tigris tiger pictures with fun facts and wallpaper. Tigers 101 tiger facts.